Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT SPS 12/120 2.6-14.8V 0-120 A 1700W

104.000.00 rsd;


Laboratorijsko napajanje – regulator naona VOLTCRAFT SPS 12/120 2.6-14.8V 0-120 A 1700W.

  • Output current 120A
  • Output voltage 13.8V/DC
  • Sense function (voltage-drop compensation)
For anyone who needs really high currents. The fixed voltage power supply SPS 12/120 can supply a continuous output current of 120 amps at 12-14.5 V/DC. The primary-switched power supply has an impressive efficiency of over 85%. The sense function compensates for voltage drop in the wires and ensures constant output voltage at the connected load.


  • Potential-free output
  •  LEDs to indicate normal operation and overload
  •  Current limiting to protect against overloads and short-circuits
  •  Overheating protection
  •  Overvoltage protection (output)
  •  Dynamic PFC.

Scope of delivery

  • Power cable
  •  User manual.