Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT HPS-11560 1-15V 0-60A 900W

56.000.00 rsd;


Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT HPS-11560 1-15V 0-60A 900W.

  • 1 xOutput
  • – Output 1
  • – Output 1
  • Power (details) 900 W
  • Residual ripple
  •  <5 mV
  • remote control
  • Active PFC
  • Sense function
  • Type (misc.): Bench
  • Switched Mode
The HPS-11560 from Voltcraft’s HPS series of high power DC bench power supplies is extremely compact at 200 x 90 x 275 mm thanks to its primary switched mode technology. Its full rated current range 0 – 60A is via the PSU’s rear output, while its front output provides current limited to 5A.

Select from 5 operating modes: Normal, Preset, Set, Remote Control and Sense. In Normal mode, settings are made using the HPS-11560’s front panel. In Preset mode, stored settings are used and the front panel becomes inactive. Set mode is used to programme the 3 presets using the front panel controls. In Remote Control mode, the power supply responds to external DC voltage signals to alter Voltage, Current, and Output on/off (further details on using Remote Control mode can be found in the HPS-11560’s manual under ‘Downloadable Documents’. In Sense mode, measuring cables connected in parallel feedback potential drop, which the PSU automatically compensates for.


  • 3 user-definable presets (Preset) for U und I
  •  Voltage, current and output on/off can be remote controlled
  •  Digital double function-adjustment control for rough and detailed control
  •  Protection from overloading
  •  Temperature regulated unit fans
  •  Sense-operation

Scope of delivery

  • DC bench power supply
  •  Power cable
  •  Remote control plug connection
  •  User manual.