Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT CPPS-160-84 0.02-84V 0.01-5A 160W

48.000.00 rsd;


Laboratorijsko napajanje VOLTCRAFT CPPS-160-84 0.02-84V 0.01-5A 160W.

  •  1 xOutputs0.02 V DC-84 V DC
  • 0.01 A-5 A
  • Power 160 W
  • Synchronised
  • USB interface
  • Memory for 3 output routines
Programmable bench power supply unit with adjustable output settings. Allows setting voltage and current based on Ohm’s law (Power = Voltage x Current) up to 160 W. The 160 W power limit enables a wide range of output voltage/current settings. Means either maximum voltage at limited current, or maximum current at limited voltage. The PSU also comes with a memory for the three most frequently used voltage and current settings. USB port and included software enable the simulation of a wide rance of sources and operating scenarios.


  • Remote control via USB, external voltage sources and external potentiometers
  •  Sense port
  •  Backlit keypad
  •  Voltage/current rough and fine adjustment knobs
  •  Load display
  •  Safety sockets
  •  Wave or ramp output – output waveform can be selected via keypad or interface
  •  Constant voltage (CV)
  •  Constant current (CC)
  •  3 operating modes: standard, preset and remotely controlled (via USB/ext in)
  •  USB control: auto-executes a maximum of 20 saved data sets with different time settings and up to 999 cycles
  •  Selectable over and undervoltage protection
  •  Sense function suppressing output voltage loss.

Scope of delivery

  • Power cables
  •  USB cable
  •  Remote control jack
  •  Software CD
  •  User manual.