Laboratorijsko napajanje Joy-it JT-RD6006-C-B 0-60V 0-6A 360W

30.000.00 rsd


Laboratorijsko napajanje Joy-it JT-RD6006-C-B Bench PSU (adjustable voltage) 0 – 60 V 0 – 6 A 360 W.

Voltage resolution 0.1 V

Current resolution 0.01 A.

Measurement range electr. Charging 0 – 9999.99 Ah

Energy measurement range: 0 – 9999.99 Wh

Remaining ripple 100mV Vpp

Response time in constant voltage mode 2ms @ 0.1 bis 4A

Sensor temperature Detection range -10 °C to 100 °C.

Operating mode: Step-down operation

Battery charging function

Overcurrent protection / overvoltage protection adjustable

Integrated RTC

Input voltage up to 70 Volt

Output voltage up to 60 Volt / 6A

With the RD6006-C-B “Black EDITION” a reliable and powerful laboratory power supply is available to you. With an output voltage range of 0 – 60 V and an output of 0 – 360 W you are in a position to master all kinds of projects. The compact design and the user-friendly operation make the RD6006 an excellent choice for each application area. The 9 memory locations enable you to change quickly and easily between the different settings. Through the USB-interface and through integrated WiFi-module the RD6006 can be operated via software. In addition, the device has various protection and limiting functions such as constant voltage operation, constant current operation, overvoltage protection, over current protection and replaceable fuses on the board.
  • Battery charging function (incl. Charging cable)
  • USB and WiFi
  • Value input via keypad
  • Adjustable over current protection
  • Overvoltage protection adjustable