KVM VGA svič CKL-21UA 2 ports USB + 2 kabla USB

2.800.00 rsd


KVM VGA svič CKL-21UA 2 ports USB + 2 cables USB – bandwidth 250MHz, 2048x1536p, with audio & microhpone

USB 2.0 VGA KVM Switch with USB Hub + Cables Support Audio Microphone 2048×1536 (2 Port Manual)

CKL-21UA USB2.0 VGA KVM Switch is a smart KVM product designed to console controls 2 VGA interfaced Computers/Servers/Laptop/Hard Disk Players with 1 set of keyboard, mouse and monitor; It includes original KVM cable sets which are all you need for setup; There is an USB2.0 Port for connecting USB devices like jump drive, printer, scanner, as well as interfaces for audio speaker and microphone output.

• Console Controls 2 Computers/Servers with One Set of Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor and Support Audio and Microphone Switch with Interfaces for Speaker and Mic. Provided;
• Support DOS and Multi Updated Operation Systems; Support High Resolution 2048*1536 and all type of VGA Input and Output Devices;
• Support USB2.0 Port Extension for printer, Jump drive and other USB devices connection; Work with wireless Keyboard and Mouse;
• Plug and Play with 2 set of Original KVM cables included, No Driver and External Power Supply Needed;
• With Correspondent LED light color indicating Port Connection/Switching Status; ABS Housing Designed with 2 Mountable Holes at Bottom which Serves as Heat Dissipation As well