Kutija metalna za ključeve sa šifrom Sygonix SY-3465484

3.000.00 rsd



Kutija za ključeve sa šifrom Sygonix SY-3465484

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Unobtrusive through protective cap
  • Freely selectable number combination (4-digit)
The key safe KaySafe C4 offers an easy access for various groups of people such craftsmen, nursing services or neighbors.
It can be used by entering a freely selectable 4-digit codes must be opened and, due to its protective flap particularly inconspicuous.

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  • Wall mount
  •  4-digit number combinations
  •  Sturdy metal case.
  • Key safe KeySafe C4
  • 4x screws
  • 4 x dowels
  • User manual