Tester izolacije VOLTCRAFT ET-200

35.000.00 rsd



Ispitivač / tester izolacije VOLTCRAFT ET-200 – merni uređaji i instrumenti Elektroleum
Measure insulation resistance up to max. 20 GΩ with test voltages 50/100/250/500/1000 V. In addition, the ET-200 measurement functions for DC and AC voltages up to 600 V CAT IV and for resistances up to 20kΩ. An optional remote trip test lead enables the measurement resolution directly at the probe tip; for this purpose, the ET-200 during the measurement not be held in the hand. By the soft rubber protection device is ideally protected against shocks.
Calculation of the polarization index (PI) and the dielectric absorption rate (DAR)
The polarization index and the dielectric absorption rate give information about the quality of the insulation.
Test time setting
The test time during long-term measurement can be preset depending on the need.
Comparison function with Pass/Fail Display
The limit values for a quick pass/fail display can be adjusted individually. As a result of this, user-specific tolerances easily verifiable.
Highlights & Details
Test voltage 50/100/250/500/1000 V
Insulation resistance measurement up to 20 GΩ
Resistance measurement of 0.01 Ω – 20 kΩ
True RMS AC voltage measurement
Data-hold function
Lock function for continuous testing
Measuring time pre-selection
Display of the polarisation index (PI) and the dielectric absorption rate (DAR)
Optional probe with release key
Red warning light in the measuring mode.
Automatic Zero Balance
Min/max function
continuity tester
Integrated measurement data memory
Comparison function with Pass/Fail Display
Test voltages adjustable (50% – 120% in 10% steps).
2 test leads
2x alligator clip
2 test probes
6 batteries.
User manual.