Ispitivač napona VOLTCRAFT MS-520 CAT IV 1000 V

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Ispitivač napona VOLTCRAFT MS-520 CAT IV 1000 V.

The non-contact voltage and magnetic field tester detects AC voltage and magnetic fields at mains outlets and power cables.

AC voltage and magnetic fields
The MS-520 detects both. Besides AC voltage, the meter also tests live coils in relays or magnetic valves.

Safe use
The meter complies with CAT IV 1000V standards. Since it is a non-contact voltage tester, in most cases, you won’t need to remove housings to facilitate testing.

Mains phase detection
Is an electrical alternating field is detected, the test tip starts to light up in red and you hear a signal. The probe tip sensor reacts to mains phase only (not to neutral). In the presence of a DC magnetic field, the probe tip turns yellow. The presence of both AC and DC magnetic fields causes the probe tip LED to alternate between red an yellow.

Water and moisture protection (IP65)
The MS-520 has been specially designed to withstand rain, snow and water jets. This means using the meter on premises with high RH such as production plants, engine rooms and damp garages isn’t a problem at all.

Dust and dirt-proof
The meter enclosure and buttons feature dust-proof design. Which makes sure the tester does its job for many years to come.

Work area lighting
A built-in white LED turns on at the push of a button. Means you see what you are doing. Also helps you find the fuse box in the dark.

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Dust and water jet proof (IP65)
Scope of delivery
2 x AAA battery
User manual