Inverter – pretvarač VOLTCRAFT SWD-600/12 600W 12V

38.000.00 rsd;



Inverter – pretvarač VOLTCRAFT SWD-600/12 600W 12V.

  • Remote control with data display can be connected
  • Galvanically separated
  • USB Power output
  • 600 VA
  • Input 12 V DC
  • Output 230 V AC
Digital inverter with normal sine-wave AC current. Even sensitive consumers can be operated without problems and free of interferences. The microprocessor-controlled electronics monitors the most important parameters like stable output voltage, frequency and input voltage. By means of the attachable standby-function the intrinsic power consumption of the inverter can be minimised by switching on the device only when the connected consumer becomes active.


  • Switchable standby-function
  •  Input protected against polarity reversal and over-voltage
  •  Output protected against short-circuit and overload
  •  Disconnects if overheating occurs
  •  Adjustable dynamic low voltage disconnect (9.0 – 11.5 V)
  •  USB-output 5 V/DC 500 mA
  •  Optional remote control can be connected
  •  Low voltage disconnect setting and data evaluation via optional display remote controls (input/output voltage, output power, on/off operation with date and time, can be stored on optional SD-card).