Etanol visoke čistoće 1L AG Termopasty

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Etanol visoke čistoće. Savršeno uklanja sve nečistoće sa optičkih elemenata. Primene: CD-ROM plejeri, DVD plejeri, Audio-CD čitači, Photo-CD uređaji, optički uređaji, AV mehanizmi, AV glave. Ostavlja minimalan ostatak, koji se lako može ukloniti krpom od mikrovlakana ili maramicom bez prašine. Koristite kada je uređaj isključen.

High purity ethanol. Perfectly removes all impurities from the optical elements. Applications: CD-ROM players, DVD players, Audio-CD readers, Photo-CD devices, optical devices, AV mechanisms, AV heads. It leaves minimal residue, which can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth or a dust-free tissue. Use when the device is turned off.

Identified use: – in laboratories – in cosmetics – as a polish diluent – for cleaning windows – as a diluent for spirit-based products – for degreasing, washing surfaces – as fuel in tourist cookers – as a non-freezing liquid – industrial use

Diluted with water 5:1 as a surface and hand disinfectant

(1 liter of denatured ethanol + 220 cm3 distilled water)


Composition: Ethanol, Methyl ethyl ketone (Butan-2-one), Isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol),  Denatorium benzoate

Completely contaminated product according to Commission Regulation (EC) No 2016/1867 of 20/10/2016 (European Universal Formula).