Endoskopska kamera VOLTCRAFT BS-5

14.000.00 rsd



Endoskopska kamera VOLTCRAFT BS-5.

Endoscope for inspection of small openings, engine rooms and other inaccessible places. The in-built color monitor shows locations to the eye and usually are not accessible.

More compact than conventional endoscope
In the case of the VOLTCRAFT BS-5 is in addition to the monitor and the operating elements is also the flexible goose neck with camera is built-in. To simply use case-opening and swan neck roll to a halt. Afterwards, the device can easily be stowed in the bag or in the tool box. It was never so easy an endoscope in the tool bag always ready to have.

The small 8mm opening is sufficient.
LED lighting and mini-camera are at the end of the 88 cm long gooseneck is built-in. This so-called probe has a diameter of 8 mm and is waterproof. A recess prevents slipping of mounted mirror, magnet or rescue hook.

In the house.
The tubes and pipes can be easily and quickly for damage can be controlled. Objects in the drainage can be recognized and, if necessary, with the rescue hook removed. Cavities can with and without angle mirror will be investigated. Gaps in closely linked to the wall-mounted furniture can then be checked whether, in fact, where objects in between.

In the car
Be inaccessible areas in the engine compartment appears on the monitor. The attachable magnetic saves screws or small metal parts for the own hands are not accessible. Corrosion and rust on the vehicle remains in the cavities not remains undiscovered.

At Work
Ventilation systems are without the opening of grating quickly on pollution control. In many cases, floor panels, covers and machine covers do not be removed, in order to clear the view.

Highlights & Details
Extra compact design
With photo function
Internal memory for 30 photos
Built-in illumination
Incl. hook, mirror and magnet attachment

Internal memory for 30 photos
Built-in illumination
With LCD-Display
With 1/9″ VGA CMOS camera sensor.

BS-5 mini-endoscope
Hook attachment
Mirror attachment
Magnet attachment
User manual.