Digitalno pomično merilo 0-150mm

3.500.00 rsd;



Digitalno pomično merilo 0-150mm od nerđajućeg čelika, šubler.

【Precision measurement】 The measuring range of the stainless steel vernier caliper is 0-150mm / 0-6″, the accuracy is ±0.001″, 0.01mm. The enclosed locking screw can prevent accidental slippage, make sure it is in the designated position, and you will get error-free measurement results.

【Thickened ruler body】 The ruler body is made of hardened stainless steel and is finely ground. The operation is very smooth, feels good, and is not easy to rust and wear.

【Quick and clear reading】 With easy-to-read LCD screen, reading is clearer and more intuitive. By pushing the pulley to display data in time, accurate data can be displayed, so you can quickly read and record.

【Multi-function】 Easy to use, can easily and accurately measure the inside, outside, depth, height and step size. It is widely used in industry and automobiles, professional workers, home surveying and office work.