Digitalni osciloskop Joy-it DSO-200 1x200kHz

9.500.00 rsd;



Digitalni osciloskop Joy-it DSO-200 1x200kHz 320×240 LCD display, battery, USB C.

Sampling rate 2.5ms

Vertical sensitivity 10 mV/div – 20 V/div

Horizontal time range 10 μs/div – 50 s/div

Test voltage range X1: 80 Vpp (-40 V – 40 V), X10: 800 Vpp (-400 V – 400 V)

Trigger modes: Auto, normal, single

Coupling AC, DC

Calibration (square wave) Frequency: 1 kHz duty cycle: 50%

Standing function: Integrated, at 90° foldable stand

2.8″ 320×240 LCD display

Experience precise measuring accuracy and mobility like never before with our new hand-held oscilloscope DSO-200. The DSO-200 brings top performance into your hands, specially designed for hobby electricians who value precision and portability. The DSO-200 fits easily in your hand and can be stored in your workshop or on your desk, thanks to its foldable stand and compact, robust design. The simple operation and the mobility make the DSO-200 your perfect companion.