Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT SMD-200

6.200.00 rsd;


Digitalni multimetar VOLTCRAFT SMD-200 Handheld multimeter Digital CAT III 600 V Display (counts): 6000.

  • For resistors, capacitors and diodes
  • AC/DC-Voltage Measurement
  • with tweezers and test lead adapter
  • Diode Test: Test current 1 mA / Test Voltage 3 V
  • Tweezers adapter max. 35 V
The SMD-200 is the ideal solution for Measurement of SMD components. Forceps adapter allows the simultaneous measurement of adherence and small SMD capacitors, resistors and diodes. with continuity tester. The gauge is located perfectly in the hand and always allows a view of the DISPLAY.


  • Tweezers tip can be exchanged against measuring lines.

Scope of delivery

  • Tweezers
  •  adapter test lead adapter
  •  Protective cap
  •  2 batteries (LR44)
  •  Operational instructions