Digitalna lemna stanica – Lemilica Weller WXD 2020

180.000.00 rsd



Weller WXD 2020 Soldering/desoldering station Digital 240 W +50 – +550 °C.

  • Soldering and desoldering station, 2 channels with WXDP 120 and soldering iron WXP 120
  • Soldering and desoldering tools with intelligent WX technology
  • Connection to external compressed air supply for high vacuum
  • Energy effective: automatic standby mode for tools
  • Patented, ESD safe glass display. Simple and fast setting of soldering parameter.
    • Inlet pressure: 400 – 600 kPA (58-87 psi) oil-free, dry compressed air
    • Vacuum: 55 kPA (8 psi)
    • Compressed air connection: Compressed Air Hose outer diameter 6 mm (0.24″)
    • Housing: protection class I (antistatic)
    • Fuse: electronic trip unit T2A
    • Temperature accuracy: ± 9 ° C
    • Temperature stability: ± 2 °C
    • Earth contact: 3.5mm switch box on the back of the device
    • Casing material: aluminum base with antistatic black coating

    Soldering and desoldering station, 2 channels 200 W (255 W), including desoldering iron WXDP 120 and WDH 70 safety rest with brass tool New products enlarge the WX family. A new WXDD 2 desoldering station (2 channels) and a new WXDP 120 desoldering iron. These products are ideal for professional rework applications of the latest electronic components in the industrial operation. Typically for the WX stations: soldering and desoldering parameters can be saved easily on the iron. The WXDP 120 heats up within 35 sec. only. With stand-by function.

    Pneumatic operation
    Driven from an external compressed air system to maintain a stable high desordering vacuum.

    Tool operating parameters are stored on the hand piece
    Key data is stored on the tool you‘re using. No calibration of the power unit is needed.

    A total load of 255 W can be connected to the power unit, e.g. two 120 W soldering irons can be operated simultaneously and independently. Plug in / plug out of tools with unmistakeable locations.

    Tool recognition
    All WX series tools can be connected to the power unit, data stored on the hand pieces is digitally transferred without external interference.

    Short learning curve and intuitive operation
    Multilingual menu navigation and click and turn wheel for ease of use.

    Hot plates and fume extraction units can be controlled from the power unit.

    • 2-channel soldering/desoldering station WXD 2020
    •  WXDP 120 desoldering iron with WDH 70 Safety Storage
    •  WXP 120 Soldering iron with WDH 10 safety storage.