Digitalna lemna stanica – Lemilica TOOLCRAFT ST-200 Pro

30.000.00 rsd;



Digitalna lemna stanica – Lemilica TOOLCRAFT ST-200 Pro 230 W 150 – 480 °C

Powerful professional soldering station with 230 W and 2 connections
different soldering irons can be used simultaneously
, e.g. for PCB repairs or for different component sizes

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Highlights & Details
Small design requires little space on the workbench (only half the size and half the weight of similar devices!)
Easy to use via menu navigation via the TFT screen
Soldering iron handles with automatic type recognition and standby function
Switches down to a low temperature when not in use to save energy
Universal soldering iron stand with wet and dry sponge and holder for replacement soldering tips
Intelligent functions integrated, e.g. Min/max temperature, temperature preset and more
Soldering station
2x Soldering iron with two different soldering tips (BN 1647032, 1647029)
2x Stand with wet sponge and metal sponge
Power cord
Instruction manual