Termometar Chauvin Arnoux 1821 -200°C – 1370°C

30.000.00 rsd


Chauvin Arnoux 1821 termometer -200 – 1372 °C Sensor type J, K, T, N, E, R, S – Data logger

The C.A 1821 is a compact contact thermometer with magnetic holder, the exact, versatile and reliable measurements on stationary and mobile applications is guaranteed. The device has a large illuminated display, via all on-site necessary functions such as Min, max, Hold and it can be measured values manually or in accordance with programming. The device is via USB or Bluetooth ® can be interlinked so that alarms and a start value recording via the Software Data Logger transfer can be programd.

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Highlights & Details

  • Large illuminated display
  • Standard sensor connections (compensated miniature sensor sockets)
  • Very simple operation: 1 = 1 function
  • USB and Bluetooth ® interface
  • Data logger function: up to 1 million measured values
  • Alarms and recording the start by alarm value
  • Up to 3 years battery operation
  • Housing IP 54
  • Housing has magnetic holder
  • Slot for wall mounting
  • Compatible with the Multifix-Zubehor
  • Bag
  • 3 alkaline batteries 1.5 V AA
  • USB cable
  • Test report and short instructions (complete instructions and Software Data Logger Transfer, on the Chauvin Arnoux Website – available)