Merač nivoa zvuka Chauvin Arnoux 1310 30 – 130dB

94.000.00 rsd;



Chauvin Arnoux 1310 merač nivoa zvuka 30 – 130 dB 20 Hz – 8 kHz – merni instrumenti – Elektroleum.
The integrated sound level meter C.A 1310 is used for the simple measurement of the noise level in every environment: Outdoors, in a plant, in offices, etc. with the C.A 1310 you can immediately know whether the noise level in your environment is permissible or exceed limit values. It complies with the standards IEC 61672-1 type 2 and ANSI S1.4 type 2 for sound level meters.

The C.A 1310 is a portable, compact device that can be operated with one hand and mounted on a photo stand for long-term measurements. Its ergonomic housing fits well in the hand and the large display is optimally readable.

The sound level meter enables the measurement of sound levels from 30 to 130 dB and their recording with a storage capacity of up to 64,000 measuring points.
The user can use 4 measured values for the measurement: SPL (sound pressure level), Leq (equivalent continuous sound level), MaxL (maximum sound level) and MinL (minimum sound level).
The equivalent continuous level can be integrated for fluctuating sound levels over periods of 10 seconds to 24 hours.

It has 2 evaluation curves A and C, which take into account the sensitivity of the human ear depending on the frequency. Curve A is the curve for general applications in industrial environments, curve C is particularly suitable for the presence of low frequencies.

With the help of the standard supplied SL software, the measured data can be displayed as a table or graphically. It also enables data export and real-time mode.

Highlights & Details
  • Measurement of the equivalent continuous sound level Leq
  • Storage of up to 64,000 measuring points
  • Software for data evaluation supplied as standard
  • Large, illuminated display with digital display and bar graph
  • Detachable microphone with extension cable as an accessory
  • 1 transport bag.
  • 1 Windshield cap
  • 1 USB connection cable
  • 1 software SL
  • 1 jack plug
  • 4 batteries 1.5 V AA
  • 1 x 5-language operating instructions