Mikroskop Bresser Optik Biolux CEA USB

21.000.00 rsd;



Bresser Optik Biolux CEA USB mikroskop set 40x-1024x.

The Bresser Optik Biolux CEA USB Microscope Set 40-1024x is more than just a classical microscope. It is a robust, flexible, versatlie microscope, that can be conveniently conntected your computer.

Highlights & Details
USB eyepiece for connecting to a PC
Magnification: 40x – 1024x
Extensive range of accessories
Standard Eyepiece(s): 2 Widefield eyepieces (WF-10x und WF-16x)
Magnifaction: 40x-1024x
Illumination: bright LED-light for reflected and transmitted light
Accessories: Lot of extras for an immidiate start in the microscopy
Stable microscope made of solid die-cast metal
2 wide-angle oculars (WF-10x/WF-16x)
3 lenses (4/10/40x)
1.6x Barlow zoom-system
Magnification 40x – 1024x
USB-ocular for PC-connection
Bright LED-lighting for reflected light and transmitted light observations
Extensive accessories package for starting immediately with the microscope
CD-ROM with image processing software and driver
Power supply
Rigid Case
System Requirements
Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/Seven (for software and driver).