Mikroskop Bresser Optik Advance ICD Stereo

105.000.00 rsd;



Bresser Optik Advance ICD Stereo mikroskop 10x – 160x.

The Advance ICD is the first tri-ocular reflected and transmitted light microscope in the BRESSER-programme. As a professional instrument it offers an excellent optical quality, but at an unbeatable affordable price. The combination of a stereo-zoom objective (1x-4x), changeable high-quality wide-angle oculars (10x, 20 x) and an additional lens (2x) results in a very high magnification range of 10x to 160x. The height-adjustable attachment that can be rotated by 360° enables the observation of larger objects too e.g. stomes or components, from every observing position. Photography with a camera or a PC-ocular, which can be attached to the tri-ocular attachment, is possible at the same time with visual observation through the right ocular. Naturally, the individual eye distance and the dioptric balance can be set. The images obtained are detailed, rich in contrast, plastic. This is taken care of by the bright halogen lighting (including blue filter), which dims and can be switched separately for the reflected-light and the transmitted light observations

Highlights & Details
10x – 160x magnification
360° rotating attachment
Suitable PC-ocular
Eye distance can be set
Dioptre compensation
Halogen lamps (12 V, 10 W) (reflected-light, transmitted-light)
Eyepiece insert diameter: 30.5 mm.
2x ancillary lens
1x-4x (stereo, zoom) objective
Blue filter
Transmitted-light glass disc mat
Reflected-light disc, black/white
Tri-ocular attachment
Rubber eye-shells
Dust protector cap