Besen Mobilna stanica za punjenje električnih automobila 16A 11kW

115.000.00 rsd;


Besen Mobilna stanica za punjenje električnih automobila, punjač 16A 11kW.


This is a simple Wallbox that supports “Mode A”. It comes with a color LCD display that allows the user to see the charging process including charging time, voltage, current indoor temperature, etc.
The charging box can automatically correct errors that occur during the loading process that are not hardware. Errors that require manual intervention or repair are displayed on the LCD screen. The housing is robust and has protection class IP66.
The charging box can be easily installed on the wall.

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Highlights & Details
Colorful LCD display for charging status including charging time, voltage, current internal temperature, etc.
Charging according to IEC 61851 mode 3, up to 11kW
Remote control by mobile APP via Wi-Fi or bluetooth
Safe and fast charging of electric vehicles
Wall mounted, with Type 2 socket
LED Indicator light
Over voltage protection
Under voltage protection
Over load protection
Short circuit protection
Earth leakage protection
Over-temp protection
Lightning protection
Adjustable charging current
Time setting, delay setting, charging amount setting
Supprot charging history record checking
EV wallbox
Wall mounting bracket
Accessories for wall mounting
User manual