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Arduino senzorski komplet je zajednički starter kit set elektronike iz Seeed-a i Arduina. Integriše 10 najčešće korišćenih elektronskih modula na jednoj štampanoj ploči, tako da nije potrebna matična ploča, nikakvo lemljenje, pa čak ni ožičenje. Arduino tim za sadržaj je takođe pripremio korak po korak vodič za ovaj komplet. Sve ove karakteristike čine ga idealnim Arduino početnim kompletom za Steam obrazovanje i onlajn nastavu.




  • Co-produced by Arduino and Seeed
  • Plug & play addition to the Arduino Uno
  • 10 most commonly used electronics modules
  • All modules are pre-wired on the PCB, no wiring required
  • High-quality online lessons provided by Arduino
  • Perfect for Steam Education and Online Education


To get started with a new thing is always difficult, and we’ve been thinking about how to make learning electronics and sensing the world around you easier than ever. We are proud to announce the release of the Arduino Sensor Kit – Base, a joint production between Arduino and Seeed. The Arduino Sensor Kit is a plug & play addition to the Arduino Uno to get you started with electronics and programming. It integrates 10 Grove modules on a single PCB, including 5 sensors, an OLED display, and actuators. Best of all, those modules are pre-wired, so no breadboard, no welding, and even no wiring! Proving that hardware doesn’t need to be hard.


Before getting started with the Arduino Sensor Kit, you need to have an Arduino UNO board at your side. Just plug the Arduino Sensor Kit into the Arduino UNO board, then you’re ready to go enjoy coding!

10 Lessons provided by Arduino Official

To make it even easier there are step-by-step tutorials created by official Arduino. Arduino provides the Arduino Sensor Kit with an online platform with ten lessons to learn how to use the included modules. Each lesson introduces electronic knowledge and skills related to the module. Also, each lesson provides the complete sample code for you to run the project and start to understand the code behind the hardware part.

Please go to https://sensorkit.arduino.cc to find those high-quality lessons provided by Arduino.


  • Perfect for Arduino beginners start the different Arduino project on one board
  • Perfect for Steam Education and Online Education
  • Suitable for getting started with open-source hardware and Arduino coding

10 Sensors and Modules Included in the kit

The Arduino Sensor Kit has exactly the same modules as the Grove Beginner Kit.

Difference between the Grove Beginner Kit

Half a year ago, we released the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. It has been one of the most popular products at Seeed. Hundreds of schools and educational institutions adopted the kit as the course material.

The Major Difference

The new Arduino Sensor Kit and Grove Beginner Kit are look alike, but they are very different: the new Arduino Sensor Kit needs to work with Arduino UNO while the Grove Beginner Kit can work alone.

The Grove Beginner Kit is a kit with Arduino Compatible Control Board( Seeeduino Lotus-compatible with Arduino UNO). So customers do not need to buy an Arduino Board separately. The Arduino Sensor Kit replaces the Lotus board with a Grove Base Shield, which means the new Arduino Sensor Kit needs to work with an Arduino UNO board or an Arduino compatible board.

For a detailed comparison, please check the Difference between Arduino Sensor Kit & Grove Beginner Kit.pdf

Community Feedbacks

Arduino and Seeed Studio Announce Uno-Compatible, Grove-Based Arduino Sensor Kit

“Built into a single circuit board, but with snap-out modules, the Arduino Sensor Kit includes a range of common inputs and outputs.” by Gareth Halfacree, hackster.io

Arduino Sensor Kit Base is a large shield for Arduino UNO with 10 modules

“The Arduino headers are exposed as well as the 6-pin ICSP header in order to connect it to the Arduino UNO board. If the ten sensors included in the kit are not enough, you can always add other Grove modules, or an Arduino shield to further expand the platform.” by CNX SOFTWARE

Hardware Overview


Item Value
Power Supply 3.3V/5V
Dimensions 175mm * 115mm * 28mm
Net Weight 77g
Digital Grove Header 7(D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8)
Analog Grove Header 4(A0,A1,A2,A3)
I2C Grove Header 4
UART Grove Header 1
Support Arduino Core Arduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Zero
Certification FCC/CE