Arduino ASX00007 Shield

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Do you have several components that you need to connect to your project and would rather use connectors instead of soldering? The Arduino MKR Connector Carrier offers the Seeed Studio Grove connections for your MKR board. The MKR Connector Carrier Shield is an indispensable tool for fast prototyping activities. It allows easy and fast connection of sensors with Grove connectors. This shield can allow you to create applications with different IoT connectivity by simply switching the MKR board and making almost no code changes.

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Highlights & Details
Your Arduino MKR board will be compatible with Seeed Grove!
Would you like to connect several Seeed Studio Grove modules to your Arduino board? The Arduino MKR Connector Carrier is the perfect companion for Arduino MKR boards and a Grove ecosystem.
Interface 14 male connectors
Analogue inputs 5 V
A0,A1,A2,A3,A3,A4 with a single slot analogue input (detailed information)
A5, A6 dual groove analogue input (detailed information)
digital input/output 5 V
D0,D1,D2,D3,D4 Single Grove I/O (detailed information)
D5,D6 Double Grove I/O (detailed information)
other connections one 5V I2C, one 5V UART
(screw terminal strip) 7V – 16V (Buck data sheet)
Operating voltage of circuit 3.3V
compatibility MKR
Arduino® Shield MKR connector carrier