Aparat za punktovanje baterija AiXun F3000

22.000.00 rsd


Aparat za punktovanje baterija AiXun F3000


Two imported 2.8V 3000F super farad capacitors connected in series

Controlled by 6 MOSFET tubes, endure max 1800A current in theory

Automatic/manual dual working mode for operation

The penetration of solder joints is powerful, solid spot welding without being loose

Simultaneous charging and welding is available, max charging current is 3A

Support to upgrade on PC remotely, add new soldering program

Achieve 90% battery power within 10 min, 200 times spot welding is available under full charging status


AiXun F3000 Farad Capacitor Spot Welder is a versatile and efficient solution for spot welding. With its one-key switch, it offers three shortcut operation modes: no nickel converted mode, high output power mode, and convert aluminum to nickel mode. Powered by two 2.8V 3000F super farad capacitors in series, it can endure a maximum theoretical current of 1800A. The automatic/manual dual working mode ensures flexibility, while the solder joints exhibit strong penetration for solid and secure spot welds. The spot welder supports simultaneous charging and welding, with a maximum charging current of 3A. It achieves approximately 90% battery power within 10 minutes, enabling around 200 spot welds on a full charge. Additionally, it allows for remote upgrading on PC to add new soldering programs. It is an ideal choice for efficient spot welding tasks.


List of Packing:


Spot welder fixture for battery*1

Capacitor spot welder probe*2

Spot welding pen tip*2

Type-C charging cable*1

Charging cable*1