Anemometar Extech SDL350

92.000.00 rsd


Anemometar Extech SDL350 0.4 do 25 m/s

Opseg merenja zapreminskog protoka: 0 – 54 m³/min
Opseg merenja temperature vazduha: 0,0 do 50,0°C
Tačnost temperature vazduha: ±0,8 °C
Merni opseg -100 do +1300 °C termoelementi:
Moguća veličina SD memorijske kartice: 1 GB – 16 GB
Interval prikaza 1 s
Podesivi interval beleženja: 0/1/2/5/10/30/60/120/300/600/1800/3600 s
Prečnik sonde sa toplom žicom: 12 mm
Dužina teleskopa 280 – 940 mm

The Thermal anemometer provides for air measurement no mechanical components. This has the advantage that the smallest air currents can be recorded and the sensor very small dimensions. In addition, with an optional thermocouple probes high-temperature measurements can be carried out. The integrated data logger with storage on SD-card enables the documentation and later evaluation of measured data on a computer. This makes this measuring device is ideal for the measuring insert in the Heating Ventilation and air-conditioning.

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Highlights & Details
Telescopic Hot-wire sensor Ø 12 mm
Measurement of temperature, air velocity and volume flow
Integrated Data logger for 20000 measurement data on 2 GB SD-card
Selectable measurement units (m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots, mph)
Telescopic Hot-wire sensor with 1 m connection cable
Data logger with date and time stamp stores the measured values on an SD card in Excel ® format for easy transfer to a computer
Adjustable logger interval: 1 – 3600 seconds
Manual storage/retrieval of up to 99 measured values in the internal memory
Type K/J thermocouple input for high-temperature measurements
Large backlit LC display shows air speed and temperature at the same time
MIN/MAX memory
Integrated measured value memory and SD-card slot
Auto switch-off
Integrated RS232 interface
Optional power supply operation
The rear stand thread.
SD card 2 GB
Telescopic hot wire sensor
Hard case
User manual.