Analogni multimetar Metrix MX1 1500V

35.000.00 rsd;



The Metrix MX1 analogue multimeter is the “4×4 ” of the analogue multimeter world, its strong, durable and has a water resistant casing IP65. The Metrix MX1 multi meter has a professionally designed casing that’s splashproof and, thanks to a shock-proof surround, also resistant to knocks and drops. Its smooth casing design also makes it easy to clean. It is protected for all types of applications and has a safety alarm when being used as an Ωmeter. Measures AC/DC Voltage up to 1,500V, Amps to 10A and has Resistance ranges 20k ohms to 2Mohms.

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  • AC / DC Volts up to 1500V
  • 1kHz Frequency
  • 2MΩ Resistance
  • Continuity