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AiXun aiming at bringing in the most fashionable’ interesting and creative soldering station series such as T420D, T3A , T3B. iHeater Pro Intelligent Desoldering Station and all soldering accessory such as Soldering Iron Tips / Hot air rework station etc .

What are soldering station used for?

A soldering station is used as a control for the soldering iron. It has temperature control, holders for the soldering iron, and other accessories that make the soldering process more manageable.

How to use the soldering station?

  1. Set up the soldering station.
  2. Choose a tip.
  3. Select a temperature.
  4. Tin the soldering tip.
  5. Solder as usual.

Best solder station

Be it a professional or casual hobbyist job, using a soldering station eases up the difficulty to tackle even complex soldering tasks. Check out some of our top-sellers and fan favorites:

Best soldering station for professional: T420D 200W Dual Channel Electronics Soldering Station.

AiXun T420D dual channel smart soldering station is compatible with T210, T245, T115 three handles. This soldering kit satisfy different soldering needs. Only take 1 second to heat to 350℃, temperature control accuracy deviation is less than 1%. Two handles can work together, HD display. We can say it is a necessary repair solder tools for professional repair and maintenance.

Best soldering station for hobbyists: T3B 96W Micro Soldering Station

AiXun T3B 96W smart micro soldering station supports T210 and T115 handles, which is specially designed for nano and precise components soldering. Adapts the most advanced and intelligent temperature control system which enables the temperature heating to 380℃ only in 2 seconds, and the temp accuracy deviation is less than 1%. LCD display and the temperature can be adjusted from 100-450℃. Remote software upgrade is the unique feature that all AiXun products own.

Soldering station for beginners: T3A Temperature Controlled Quick Soldering Station

AiXun T3A is the world’s first 200w full intelligent soldering station. It’s compatible with T12/936/T245 handles. Smart temperature control system, quickly heat to 380℃ within 3 seconds with the temperature accuracy deviation less than 1%. LCD digital color display and smart operator habit memory . You can apply it to various scenes without any issues.

What is the difference between soldering iron and soldering station?

Soldering stations can undergo rough use for extended time periods, while soldering irons are useful mostly for short time periods.

  • Soldering Station: Ideal for long duration operations.
  • Soldering Iron: Ideal for small repair work and for short period usage.

A soldering station on an overall can help in quicker, stronger and more durable soldering quality particularly on SMD circuits. Whereas, soldering irons on the other hand, have very inefficient heating systems and also have very high temperature drops, that spoil the soldering quality and also the soldering experience.

  • Soldering Station: Ideal for Good Soldering because it has a negligible temperature drops.
  • Soldering Iron: Poor Soldering Quality because of uncontrolled / inefficient heating system.

Soldering stations are electrically isolated from mains voltage because of the step down transformer, thus helping prevent electrocutions if the metal part is accidentally touched. However, since normal soldering irons are not Electrically isolated, they can cause serious harm, if the live wire accidentally comes in contact with the metal part.

  • Soldering Station: They are relatively safer as the mains are electrically isolated because of step down transformer.
  • Soldering Iron: They are not very safe as the 220V mains are directly fed to the heating element inside. An accidental touch of wire might give a lethal shock.

Soldering stations have better temperature control and it is better to use them for advanced applications. Certain applications need 200 degree Celsius temperature whereas some applications need 400 degree Celsius temperature.

  • Soldering Stations: You can easily control the temperature using a dial on the main control unit.
  • Soldering Iron: No temperature controller.

Soldering Irons scores much better in this point. In the long run however, soldering stations prove to be more value for money option.

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