Set automobilskih konektora 480 u 1

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Set automobilskih konektora 480 u 1.

Product Type: High quality male & female plug housing pin header crimp wire terminals connector and bullet terminal connector assortment kit.

High Grade Material: As you can see, these connectors color are white, they are made of high quality insulation plastic, with copper pin plugs, durable and wear resistance than normal products.

Package: In this kit, there are 2.8mm 2 3 4 6 pin male and female plug housing total 80pcs with 400pcs pin headers, total 480pcs assorted placed in a transparent plastic box for easy manage and store.

Feature: Connectors are designed with fixed hook makes it very convenient for your installation, just put the crimps in the tool and press them, make the crimp the insulation are all the way toward the wire, 2.8 mm terminal for cable diameter up to 2.0 mm, the bullet terminal can be connected or disconnected very easily.

Size: 2.8mm

Terminal Material: brass

Housing Material: Nylon

Pin Number: 2 3 4 6 pin

Terminal Width: 2.8 mm

Male Terminal Length: 20.2mm/0.79inch

Female Terminal Length: 16mm/0.59in

Male Housing Length: 19.6mm/0.75in

Female Housing Length: 37mm/1.6inch

Cover material: PVC

Terminal Material: brass

Color: gold