Amper klešta VOLTCRAFT VC-590OLED

17.500.00 rsd;


Amper klešta VOLTCRAFT VC-590OLED Clamp meter Digital OLED display CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V Display (counts): 6000.

  • CAT II 1000 V, CAT III 600 V
  • True RMS
  • Rich contrast OLED Display
  • AC/DC current measurement up to 600 A
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • Switchable measuring point lighting
  • Opening range of current clamps 30 mm
Quick and easy reading of DC and AC current of up to 600A
Unlike with multimeters, no circuit interruption required. Ideal for electric enclosures and high amperages in automotive electrical systems.

High contrast OLED display with 6000 Counts
Easily readable display in all light conditions. This model tops any common clamp meters used in badly lit electrical enclosures. Readings of up to 5999 (6000 counts) are always displayed as 4-digit numbers no matter where the decimal mark is placed.

Work area lighting
If necessary, a white LED can be switched to the area directly before the pliers targeted it illuminates.

Compact and robust
The shock-proof device features a composite enclosure including a protective rubber layer. And the rubber-coating also provides lots of grip.

Temperature reading included
The clamp meter comes with a temperature reading function using K-type thermocouple probes. The included air temperature sensor can be swapped with any Voltcraft K-type thermocouple probe to determine the temperature of as mixtures, fluids or surfaces (1000°C max).

True RMS readings ensure accuracy
True RMS measurement enables reading of asymmetrical voltage and amperage with wave forms other than a sinus. Asymmetric voltages are very common in various types of dimmers, speed limiters, synchonised switches, pulse-type chargers, or scale model speed controllers. Which means that in these cases conventional meters displaying average readings are prone to large measurement errors.

Factory calibration ensures accurate readings
Calibration according to manufacturer standards is part of Voltcraft Quality Assurance. This ensures high quality products and compliance with tolerance limits as outlined in the user manual. This does not include certification.

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  • Data hold
  •  Auto-Power Off
  •  Voltage, temperature, capacity and resistance measuring function
  •  Diode and acoustic continuity tester
  •  Non-contact voltage testing (NCV)
  •  DC-ZERO function.

Scope of delivery

  • Batteries
  •  Safety test leads (1 pair)
  •  K-type thermocouple (-40 to +230 °C)
  •  AAA batteries (3 pieces)
  •  User manual.