Pištolj za topljene plastike TOOLCRAFT TC-HKP-11 500W

3.000.00 rsd


after a short warm-up time on the base station is the hot glue gun immediately wirelessly and can be used flexibly.

No cable mess
the cordless hot by Toolcraft enables you a comfortable and precise gluing of different materials in the house and in the workshop, without annoying cable mess.

Application area
ideal for repairs, decorating, DIY and model-making. Optimally suitable for almost all materials such as cardboard, metal, wood, stone, plastic, textile, glass, paper, Cork, flow, leather, and much more.

  • Wireless use
  • mechanical feed Non
  • -drip nozzle (Long/Short)
  • for the glue sticks with 11 mm diameter
  • Klebepistile
  • Station
  • 2x nozzle (short/long)
  • User manual
  • Charging cable
  • 5x 11.2 x 150 mm transparent glue stick