Pasta za lemljenje Felder Löttechnik ISO-Flux “E” 50g

1.500.00 rsd;


Halogen-containing flux paste for soft soldering in electrical engineering, in electrical engineering and also in electronics. THE FIELDS solder paste ISO-Flux® “E” are very suitable for soldering or tin-plating work, which must be carried out under high soldering temperatures and long soldering times. This flux completely prevents the formation of solder cones. The flux residues are not corrosive.

  • High cleaning effect on oxidized surfaces
  • Resin-based flux paste
  • Non-corrosive flux residues
  • FLUX: ROM1 (EN 61190-1-1/ J-STD-004), 1123 (ISO 9454-1:2016)
  • Halogen content< : 1%
  • Solid content: 25 %
  • Density (20°C): 0.850 g/cm³