Vaga digitalna Kern DE 60K10DL 60kg

47.000.00 рсд



Vaga digitalna Kern DE 60K10DL 60kg

  • PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of the known weight of a container
  • Freely programmable weighing unit
  • Versatile positioning of the display unit

    Technical specifications

    • Display: LCD backlit,
    • Ambient temperature: 5 °C – 35 °C
    • Measuring range: max. 30 kg; 60 kg
    • Reading ability d:10 g; 20 g
    • Battery mode: 9V Block.
    The platform scale is perfectly suitable for diverse uses due to its low weight and compact, flat design. The display unit can be set in any position: screwed on front, free standing on screwed to the wall. The AUTO OFF function switched on after 3 minutes is used to preserve the batteries.


    • Background lit LC-Display, 25 mm digit height
    •  Display unit: IP65. Protects against dirt and water splashes
    •  Battery operation possible:
    •  AUTO OFF function.


    The scale has a readability of 5g up to 15 kg, from 15 kg a readability of 10 g.