Tester vibracije UNI-T UT315A

50.000.00 рсд



The UT315A is an accurate piezoelectric vibration meter and is designed to monitor the mechanical condition of equipment, especially rotary and reciprocating machines. It is widely used in mechanical production, metallurgy, for the inspection of rotating machines in the production of electricity, in the maintenance of electric motors (vibration of bearings and gearboxes, phase failures), in automotive repair, in the inspection of elevators and other industrial measurements. From the vibration measurement, it is possible to assess the features of the device status, such as synchronous operation, balancing faults, or loose parts.
The instrument can measure instantaneous or maximum values ​​of acceleration, velocity and magnitude of vibration fluctuations in a wide frequency range. A short measuring probe for measuring vibrations with a frequency of up to 10 kHz is connected from the factory. For inaccessible places, it is possible to use a longer probe from the accessories, but then the measurement is limited to 1kHz. It is also possible to use a magnetic probe holder.
The measured values ​​can be frozen on the display using the HOLD function. You can store up to 1999 measured data sets in the internal memory and later transfer them via USB to a computer, to which you can pre-download and install software for data analysis from the official website of the manufacturer. Data can also be transferred in real time to a computer when measuring at a certain interval, which can be set from 0.5 to 255 seconds.
This UT315A tester is powered by a 9V battery, if you use an alkaline battery (6F22), it will last continuously for more than 8 hours. It lasts about 3 hours with a zinc-manganese battery.

Product parameters :

– multifunctional, backlit LCD display with max. display 1999 for measured values ​​and device status
– measurement of acceleration, frequency and deflection
– highly sensitive piezoelectric sensor to ensure accurate measurements
– automatic switching of vibration frequency characteristics
– equipped with a long probe and a short probe for measurements at different locations
– it is possible to use a holder with a magnet so that you have your hands free when measuring
– battery status indication in four stages
– automatic shut-off function
– freezing of values ​​on the display (HOLD)
– maximum value measurement mode
– data storage
– data transfer to PC via USB interface
– 9V battery supply (6F22)

Technical parameters :

– acceleration (OP): 0 to 199.9 m / s²; frequency range: 10 Hz-10 kHz; accuracy: ± (5% + 0.2 m / s²)
– speed (RMS): 0 to 19.99 cm / s; frequency range: 10 Hz ~ 1 kHz; accuracy: ± (5% + 0.02 cm / s)
– deflection (PP): 1 to 1.999 mm; frequency range: 10 Hz ~ 500 Hz; accuracy: ± (5% + 0.002 mm)
– display: LCD, backlit, 1999 units
– display refresh rate: 1 second
– data storage: 1999 measurement sets
– function: data freeze (HOLD)
– function: measurement of maximum values
– function: interval measurement with data transfer to PC
– interface: USB
– power supply: 9V battery (6F22)
– shutdown when idle: after approx. 10 minutes
– continuous operation: > 8 hours with alkaline battery, > 3 hours with Zn-Mn battery
– ambient operating temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C
– working humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing)
– storage temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C
– altitude: 2000m
– CE safety certification: EN61326-1: 2013
– net weight of the product: 395 g
– product size: 166 x 80 x 30 mm
– product color: red and gray

Contents of individual packaging :

– UT315A tester: 1 pc
– short probe: 1 pc
– long probe: 1 pc
– magnetic holder: 1 pc
– battery 9 V (6F22): 1pc
– English, Czech, Slovak instructions: 1pc