Tester vibracije Extech VB400

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Tester vibracije Extech VB400

For oscillation frequency of 10 Hz – 1 kHz
Water- and dustproof (IP65)
With magnetic attachment
Technical specifications

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Measuring range: 0.5 – 199 m/s²; 0.05 – 20.39 G; 2 – 656 ft/s²
Measuring range speed: 0.5 – 199.9 m/s; 0.05 – 19.99 cm/s; 0.02 – 7.87inch/s
Measuring head-Ø: 9 mm

The measuring stick VB400 enables the quick and easy measurement of acceleration forces of machines, engines and on the cases with internal moving parts. The vibration measurement indicates the status, the alignment and the synchronous operation of machines with rotating parts. The small and handy device is an ideal aid for the maintenance and repair of machines and systems.

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Data Hold
Small sensor area
Attachable Magnetic adapter for reliable contact
Measuring device complies with ISO 2954.
Scope of delivery
Measuring tip
Magnetic base
User manual.