Tester šuko utičnica VOLTCRAFT VC40

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Tester šuko utičnica VOLTCRAFT VC40.

  • Automatic test run
  • Finger contacts for Earth Conductor Test and FI testing
  • FI/RCD-Test with 30 mA
  • Acoustic signals
The socket tester enables fast and safe testing of sockets. 
Check the wiring
The socket is checked for possible installation errors like swapping wires and breaks. The test result will be displayed optically and acoustically. If the wiring is okay, a permanent tone will be emitted and all LEDs will show the green light. 
Fault current protection testBy means of the contact contact, the inspection of the fault current protection is started. Residual current circuit breakers (FI) can be tested with a tripping current of 30 mA or more. The triggering time is automatically limited to 300 ms. This test can only be started to protect against personal injury and property damage if the device detects correct wiring.
Hazard pulsating warning toneIn addition to the LED status display, a pulsating warning sound is generated in the event of dangerous errors. Missing, for B. The protective conductor (PE) or the voltage drop between PE and N is too large, the pulsating warning signal helps to detect the problem immediately. The same happens if the residual current circuit breaker (FI) does not trigger as prescribed.

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  • 3 LED displays
  • Acoustic indication
  • FI test button
  • Contact electrode

Scope of delivery

  • Power outlet tester VC40
  • User manual.