Tester rotirajućeg EMF polja Beha Amprobe PRM-6

21.900.00 rsd


The PRM-6-EUR is a simple and reliable tester for the correct direction of rotating field with three-phase cables and sockets, it has a clear, illuminated LCD display and can with the help of test leads the direction of rotation of the motor separate check motors. An advanced function of the PRM-6 is the non-contact detection of the rotational direction of the motor, the rotational direction of the motor without measuring lines. This is particularly useful with fast running motors, in which the direction of rotation of the motor not visually, or if the drive shaft is not visible.
The PRM-6-EUR has a stable construction with an outer cover made of rubber, is classified in the category CAT IV 600V and complies with the standards EN 61010 and EN 61557. It is therefore best suited for testing the motor rotation direction and rotational field direction in electrical systems up to 700 V in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Error display: missing phase, an input is connected with a neutral or PE or the voltage difference between the phases exceeds 30% of phase to phase or 65% between phase and neutral

Max. frequency – 400Hz

Frequency range – 16 Hz – 400 Hz

V AC reading range – 40 up to 700 V