Tester kablova omski Line Noyafa NF-466 UTP STP RJ45, RJ11

1.500.00 rsd


Noyafa NF-466 line tester omski UTP / STP (RJ45), master i remote delovi sa 8 LED dioda za detektovanje rasporeda 8 pinova i 1 za širm, zaštita od oštećenja slučajno spojenih uređaja, dim. 90 x 18 x 98mm

Cable Continuity Tester With POE Anti-burn Protection, UTP&STP Cable Testing, Split Design

Smart POE anti-burn protection – NF-466 can protect the chip from damage even if a live device is accidentally inserted during testing.

Plug And Play – The Ethernet cable tester is in standby mode after a battery is installed. Quickly get testing results when inserting cables. Standby mode can be used for 5 months.

Anti-jamming, No Delay – Quickly test UTP&STP cable continuity. Identify short, cross, and open statuses based on indicators on the receiver and remote.

Split Design – The master and remote can be split, making it easy to test long distances.

High Standard Interface – Ensure that the crystal head is tightly clamped during the test.

Durable To Use – The shell is made with high-quality ABS material, anti-drop, and more durable.