Tester Fluke Networks LIQ KIT Network

360.000.00 rsd


Tester Fluke Networks LIQ KIT Network
The LinkIQ™ Cable and Network Tester Kit is the solution to test cable performance up to 10G and solve network connectivity issues. LinkIQ ™ validates cable performance using frequency-based measurements to calculate maximum bandwidth (10BASE-T to 10GBASE-T), ensuring that the tested connections meet performance requirements.LinkIQ also provides IPv4 and V6 ping; next switch diagnostics (IP address, name, port/VLAN number, and advertised data rates); Ethernet Alliance Power-over-Ethernet tests (hardware/software negotiation and loaded voltage and performance tests). Other features include: Cable Toning, Port blink, 802.1x authentication, Remote Office Locators and the ability to manage results from LinkWare PC.

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Scope of delivery

  • LinkIQ™ with remote ID 1-7
  • RJ45-RJ45 connection cable,
  • mains charging cable
  • RJ45/11-Universal coupler
  • IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe
  • Carrying case