Termometar VOLTCRAFT K300

9.000.00 rsd;


Termometar VOLTCRAFT K300 -200 – 1370 °C Sensor type K.

  • Complete IP67 water and dust-proof
  • 10 storage spaces
The K300 waterproof temperature measuring device from Voltcraft with the input for a K-type thermocouple probe is suitable for measurements in wet, dusty and normal environments.

Completely water and dust-proof (IP67)
The Voltcraft K300 is designed from the sensor via the plug connector to the meter to be watertight. This means that the K300 can be used without any hesitation wherever special protective measures had to be taken in order to comply with the IP protection class.

Penetration sensor
The sensor has a length of 150 mm and a sensor diameter of 3.3 mm. The handle length is 99 mm. The connection cable (2 m) is equipped with a special K-type plug, which can be screwed waterproof to the casing of the measuring device with the help of a rubber seal.

Compatible sensors
All Voltcraft K-type sensors with standard plugs can be connected using the supplied adapter cable (1 m). This makes the measuring device suitable for measuring the temperature of surfaces, liquids, pipes, powders, gases and other materials. Please note: When using the adapter cable, the plug connection to standard sensors is not water- and dust-proof.

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  • LED backlight
  •  Measured value memory up to 10 values
  •  Time counter and timer function
  •  Built-in holster with a fold-out stand
  •  Tolerance class for thermocouple probes IEC 584
  •  Sensor cable length 2 m.

Scope of delivery

  • Waterproof thermometer K300
  • K-type penetration temperature sensor with 2 m cable (-100 – +800 °C)
  • 1 m adapter cable
  • 3x AAA batteries
  • User manual.


The measuring range of the K300 basic unit is sufficient -200 – 1370 °C. However, the enclosed waterproof K-type temperature sensor is only suitable for measuring from -100 to +800 °C.