Termometar IR VOLTCRAFT 1201-50D od -50 do 1200°C

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Termometar IR VOLTCRAFT 1201-50D od -50 do 1200°C

Robust and practical infrared thermometer with pistol grip for contactless measurement of temperatures between-50 °C and 1200 °C
Can be used in various ways – no matter whether at home, in the free time or at work. At the push of a button, you can measure – contactless and without hazard -– the surface temperatures of rotating parts, voltage-carrying conductors, difficult to access or dangerously hot objects. Through the wide measuring range and the high resolution is a very broad application range. At home can be insulation problems caused by differences in temperature at external walls, doors and windows. But also in hobby and profession are the application possibilities of your infrared thermometer seemingly limitless (e.g. temperature of electrical installation check, heaters, monitoring of food safety, etc.). In addition, IR thermometer awarded for the audit of several measuring points from one point of view, this saves time and money.

Adjustable emission level
Thanks to the adjustable degree of emissionVoltcraft IR 1201-50D USB IR-THERMOMETER for temperature measurement is the variety of surfaces, whether it is dark brickwork or shiny metal parts.

Data logger function via the USB interface
Via the USB interface of the IR thermometer, you can turn this short hand for data logger. All measurements can be stored with time/date stamp and transmitted to the PC.

Many additional functions integrated
The Min/max memory informs you in connection with the measured limits. Also the setting of a measuring range alarm is not a problem. When exceeding the limits the thermometer/alarm with red flashing background lighting. Due to the short response time spot measurements can be done very quickly and the measured values are then with the data hold function in the LCD-display can be fixed.


  • Illuminated dot matrix LCD display
  •  Min/max function
  •  Data Hold
  •  Auto power-off.
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Scope of delivery

  • IR thermometer
  • 9 V block battery
  • USB cable
  • Software CD
  • Tripod
  • K-type sensor
  • Aufbewarhrungskoffer
  • User manual.