Stega TOOLCRAFT TO-7565019

2.200.00 rsd



Portable, quickly clamps to surface

Rubber bumpers and aluminum body

Head rotates 360° and tilts 45°

T-bar for opening and closing jaws

  • Opening Width: 50 mm
  • Holding Dia.: 43 mm
  • Swivel: 360°
Unlike conventional vices, you can turn, tip, and swivel a ball joint vice to any position you require. With a single turn, you can set the optimum working direction for the work-piece, without removing it from the jaws. Your ball joint vice holds the work-piece securely – in any position. Rubber buffer on the jaws for clamping sensitive and small workpieces. The rubber pads on the jaws can be removed to use the cross pattern for clamping ladders/rods. Suitable for filigree work, handwork, handicrafts, detailed work, timber working technology, Workbenches, soldering, workshop, hobbies, finishing work, Modeling, for tables and for flat, angled and round objects.
  • Aluminum body
  • Rubber on the jaws can be removed to reveal a cross pattern for use on wire/rods
  • Rubber jaw protectors for clamping delicate and small workpieces
  • Suitable for intricate work, crafts, arts, detailing, woodworking, workbenches, soldering, garages, hobbies, finishing, modeling, tables, flat, angular and round objects.