2.700.00 rsd



The TOOLCRAFT Universal quick-clamping vice 100 mm, it’s support surface for clamping flat workpieces.

The jaw width is 100 mm, clamping is 0 to 95 mm, with net weight 1.6 kg, suitable for a variety of metalworking and woodworking applications.

The quick-release mechanism that enables the jaws to be opened and closed quickly. With horizontal and vertical prism for round material. Easy and safe at your drilling machine table with elongated holes and hard goods.

Clamp body uses die-cast aluminum alloy, high precision, durable, it holds your material safely without damaging it.

  • Ideal for drill stand and workbenches
  • Rubber-coated clamping jaws beautiful your workpiece
  • Jaw width: 100 mm
  • Jaw height: 30 mm
  • Material: Cast aluminium