Starter za auto akumulator VOLTCRAFT VC-WL 60/200

35.000.00 rsd;


Starter za auto VOLTCRAFT VC-WL 60/200 industrijski punjač akumulatora 60A 30A.

IP 20

One-button operation

Storage tray and wheels

Compatible with multiple battery types: 12/24 V, STD, GEL, AGM

Over-charge protection

Over-heat protection

Reverse polarity protection

Short circuit protection

Fuse: 2x 80 A

Air circuit breaker: >16 A

Charging voltage (max.):

12 V: AGM-14.7 V, GEL-14.1 V, STD-14.4 V

24 V: AGM-29.4 V, GEL-28.2 V, STD-28.8 V

Mobile charging and starter deviceFor comfortable and mobile use the VOLTCRAFT VC-WL 60/200 workshop charger/starter device was designed as a trolley: With wheels and practical storage compartment. One-button operation offers additional comfort when using the device. The VC-WL 60/200 is compatible with all popular 12 and 24 V batteries. It is protected against overload, overheating, short-circuit and incorrect polarity and thus offers maximum safety in operation. The integrated Boost function enables a starter battery to be made ready for use quickly.

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  • Single button operation (start charging with only one push of a button)Storage compartment for toolsRubber wheelsCompatible with several battery types: 12/24 V, STD, GEL, AGMOvercharge protectionOverheating protectionReverse polarity protectionShort-circuit protection

Scope of delivery

  • Trolley charger
  • Axie
  • 4x Screw
  • 4x Circlip
  • 2x Hubcap
  • 2x Wheel
  • Stand
  • 2x Back up ring
  • 2x Fuse
  • Plastic cover
  • Manual