SONOFF BASIC R4 smart home prekidač 2200W WiFi

1.400.00 rsd;


SONOFF BASIC R4 smart home prekidač 2300W, WiFi 2.4GHz kontrola, timer i smart scenarija, Magic mod, besplatna eWeLink Android i iOS app, Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant & Nest / IFTTT.

The Sonoff Basic R4 is a smart switch relay is the new version of Sonoff Basic R2, the entry-level member of Sonoff’s internet-controllable relay switches. As a new feature, it is also compatible with Sonoff’s eWeLink-Remote remote controllers (Sonoff S-MATE / S-MATE2 modules, R5 wireless switch).

It is a relay switch module with WiFi + Bluetooth support, requiring a 230V AC power supply and can be used to switch on/off electrical appliances. Using an App running on an Internet-connected iOS (Apple) or Android mobile phone, you can remotely control the switch and set a scheduled on/off.

Of course, there is also a physical push button switch on the relay. And the remote access option via the mobile app can be shared with family members. Perfect for smart control of household electrical devices that don’t need to be on all the time, but need to be switched on/off intermittently (e.g. aquarium circulator or aerator). It can be used to conveniently turn on appliances remotely before you get home, and can also be used to conveniently time off to save energy and money.

Sonoff Basic R4 does not have an external thermometer/humidity sensor input, no wired sensor can be connected.
If you also need temperature range or humidity level control, choose Sonoff TH relay series instead.

Product features:

Mobile App – Free iOS and Android mobile App: eWeLink
Status check – The mobile App shows the current status of the relay (on or off)
eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) compatible – it has a Bluetooth receiver and hub feature, so S-MATE / S-MATE R3 modules and R5 wireless switch has be used as a local remote controller
Remote on/off switching – wherever you are, you can remotely switch the relay (and devices connected to it) on or off from the mobile app via the web
Timing – Several timing functions are available: setting a specific time, setting recurring times, countdown timer/timer, cycle.
Timed shutdown – you can also set the socket to automatically shut down at a certain time after each power on
Pulse switching: the relay can also be set to pulse switch, i.e. to switch for a short period of time (e.g. typically 0.5 or 1 second)
Can be shared with others – Give access to remote control to e.g. family members or others
Groups, rooms – organise your Sonoff and SmartWise smart devices into groups and rooms in the eWeLink app
SmartControl (Scene) – The SmartControl / Scene eWeLink app feature also allows you to create conditional controls between different Sonoff / SmartWise devices. For example, you can switch a Sonoff S26 outlet based on temperature or humidity sensor data from a TH10 relay, or switch a Sonoff or SmartWise smart light switch based on RF motion sensor signal from a Sonoff RF Bridge gateway, or coordinate the on/off of two WiFi devices (e.g. a Sonoff light switch can switch a Sonoff WiFi smart connector via WiFi).
Compatibility – Can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google Nest for voice control
Sonoff and its sister brand SmartWise devices are compatible with each other, both using the eWeLink factory app.