TOOLCRAFT 825989 skalpel mini sklopivi 2K 5 u 1 sa torbicom

2.600.00 rsd;



Foldable mini universal knife 2K
Handy and compact cutting blade the fully foldable mechanism lets the blade completely disappear in grip and thus offers a complete protection against damages The robust construction makes every cutting task easy and is the ideal tool for the universal application
Highlights & Details
  • Blade holder with quick-change mechanism
  • opening with one hand
  • 5 spare blades
  • Blade holder with quick-change mechanism
  • Thumb-pin enables opening with a single hand (left and right-hand use)
  • Ball chain
  • Anti-skid 2-component grip made of plastic
  • Integrated blade magazine
  • Dim. (L x W x H) folded 66 x 30 x 14 mm, open 102 x 20 x 14 mm
  • Weight 42 g
  • blade size 9 mm.
  • 5 spare blades
  • polyamide belt pouch.