Seeeduino XIAO razvojna ploča

3.150.00 rsd;


Moćna funkcionalna ploča za proširenje za Seeeduino XAO od samo polovine Raspberri Pi 4 veličine. Omogućava izradu prototipa i projektovanje na lak i brz način. Sa svojim bogatim periferijama uključujući OLED, RTC, proširivu memoriju, pasivni zujalica, dugme RESET/User, 5V servo konektor, više interfejsa za podatke… mogli biste da istražujete beskonačne mogućnosti Seeeduino KSIAO. Circuit pithon je takođe dobro podržan od strane ove ploče.

Key Features

  • Quick Prototyping: Easy debug and Reset with RESET button and SWD pin led out to the male header. 0.96” OLED, enables visual data to display without PC serial monitor.
  • Rich peripherals: OLED display, RTC, expandable memory space, passive buzzer, user button, on board battery management chip… One board on hand to explore infinite possibilities of Seeeduino XIAO.
  • No Soldering Needed: All pin led out. Convenient plug and play Grove connectors support multiple data protocols, including IIC, Uart, Analog/Digital.
  • Circuit Python Supported: Well supports circuit python. Mini SD card slot enables memory space expand, making it possible to allocate more libraries needed in prototyping and project building.
  • Mini Size: Compact and elegant with only half Raspberry Pi 4 size, perfect for tiny and wearable projects.



Seeeduino XIAO Expansion Board is a powerful functional expansion board for Seeeduino XIAO of only half Raspberry Pi 4 size. It enables build prototype and project in an easy and quick way. With its rich peripherals, you could explore infinite possibilities of Seeeduino XIAO. Circuit python is also well supported by this board.

Hardware Overview

Many users adore Seeeduino XIAO because of its mini size and elegant design, so we try our best to keep the size as mini as we could when persuing the powerful function and rich interfaces. As you could see, the board is of only half Raspberry Pi 4 size.