PV metar Extech SP505 0 – 3999w/m²

30.000.00 рсд


PV metar Extech SP505 0 – 3999 W/m².

  • For indoor use only. EMC: EN 61326 (1997), A1 (1998), A2 (2001); pollution degree 2
  • Solar energy measurement range: 0 – 3999 W/m2; 0 – 634 BTU (ft 2 * H)
  • Tripod holder: at the rear side
  • Sampling rate: Approx. 0.25 seconds
  • Dimensions: energy from the sun radiation
  • LCD-Display: 3¾ digit LCD-display (3999 payments).

This device measures the energy of the sun radiation. Use the model SP505 to measure the effectiveness of solar films, for measuring the solar radiation, for checking sun insulated window, check the headlight intensity and for the determination of the optimal incidence angle for solar panels and solar water heater. This device is already fully tested and calibrated.

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Highlights & Details
Measure the light level of solar energy in Watts per square meter (W/m2) or BTU (ft 2 * H)
Built-in solar light sensor with precision photo diode
Zero function
Data Hold freezes the current measured value on the display.
User manual.
Tripod holder (optional TR100 stand available separately)