Digitalni multimetar i termovizijska kamera Combo VOLTCRAFT WBM-460

95.000.00 rsd


Multimetar i termovizijska kamera Combo VOLTCRAFT WBM-460 – merni uredjaji i test oprema.

The VOLTCRAFTWBM-460 infrared multimeter is an indispensable tool for craftsmen, automation engineers and electrical engineers, as it perfectly suited for a precise on-site fault diagnosis. The VOLTCRAFTWBM-460 infrared multimeter are two essential devices in one combines, you must not connect several devices. With only one device can current, voltage, resistance and whole thermal images is measured and displayed. This saves space and time!

The function multi-meter is an ideal tool for the analysis and elimination of complex problems during high and low voltage applications, so that you can recognize potential problems faster and more efficiently.

… With infrared camera!
The integrated infrared function shows quickly and easily temperature anomalies and problem areas. The temperature measurement is contact-free. This is especially important to not exposed to high voltage devices and devices such as transformers or parts such as fuses, cables, connectors and switches in order not to jeopardize an advantage.

Water and moisture protection (IP65)
The measuring device is designed in such a way that rain and snow or even a water jet not lead to defects. This means using the meter on premises with high RH such as production plants, engine rooms and damp garages isn’t a problem at all.

True RMS readings ensure accuracy
True RMS measurement enables reading of asymmetrical voltage and amperage with wave forms other than a sinus. Asymmetric voltages are very common in various types of dimmers, speed limiters, synchonised switches, pulse-type chargers, or scale model speed controllers. Which means that in these cases conventional meters displaying average readings are prone to large measurement errors.

Large display with 6000 Counts
With extra large digits offers this multimeter a very good readability. Readings of up to 5999 (6000 counts) are always displayed as 4-digit numbers no matter where the decimal mark is placed.

Factory calibration ensures accurate readings
Calibration according to manufacturer standards is part of Voltcraft Quality Assurance. This ensures high quality products and compliance with tolerance limits as outlined in the user manual. This does not include certification.

Highlights & Details

  • 2 in 1 infrared camera and digital multimeter with true RMS in innovative combination
  • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • 6000 counts
  • 50 Hz IR Camera
  • Temperature measurement range:-20 up to +260 °C
  • 80 x 80 PixelBolometer matrix


  • 12 measurement functions including: AC and DC, AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity test, capacity, diode test, frequency, duty cycle, thermal imaging, Temperature via K-Typ-Sensor · Built-in IR camera with max, min and center crosshair alignment · Low-pass filter for accurate measurement of variable frequency driving signal · LCD color screen 6.1 cm (2.4″) · Auto Power Off function · Min/Max/Average value function · Data-hold function · Low-Battery indicator.
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  • Thermal imaging multimeter WBM-460
  • Test Leads
  • Li-ion battery
  • AC/DC adapter
  • K-type temperature sensor
  • K-type probe adapter
  • SD card (8 GB)
  • Winch strap with magnetic
  • Bag
  • User manual.