Motor DOGA DC 12V 7.5A 0.18Nm 2800U/min

13.900.00 rsd



DOGA DC motor Typ 162 DO 162.4101.2B.00 / 3008 12 V 7.5 A 0.18 Nm 2800 U/min Shaft diameter: 8 mm 1 pc(s).

The DOGA DC motor was developed for industrial applications and falls back on over 50 years of experience and innumerable application areas. The permanent magnet technology permits a compact design with extremely good performance data. The motor is specially designed for applications with independent power supply, small dimensions, low weight as well as for use in industry and in vehicles of all kinds. This quality product is distinguished by its precise speed, silent running, short stop times with low moment of inertia and an extremely rugged design.
  • Gear wheel made of synthetic material POM
  •  Protection class IP40 and/ or IP53
  •  Any service position
  •  Characteristics of engines with impulse generating system (Type DO16241223B00/3065 and type DO11191723B00/3064): Magnetic impulse generator with hall sensors, 2 Channel 90° out-of-phase Resolution of 16 pulses per motor revolution; Integrated voltage regulator for a wide range of supply voltage (4.2 – 24 V); Integrated Schmitt trigger operates with external pull-up resistors; Output switching Open Collector; Inclusive of 4 m connection cord Type LIYCY 4 x 0.25 mm².