Mirco bit Kit WPK002 Micro:bit

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Microbit V2 advanced kit
The Microbit is a must for anyone who starts programming or is inspired. It has an arm-based embedded system. It is compatible with various coding languages that start from block editor and mobile apps for starters to Python for the more advanced users.

It is possible to connect it to other devices such as Raspberry Pi through its 20-pin edge connector. The built-in compass together with the accelerometer and motion detector ensures that the Micobit has endless possibilities.

This extended kit included a microbit project holder, breakout board & components. It is the ideal kit for medium and advanced users.

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  • Includes: ** 1 x PAC610B007N ** 1 x Microbit Project Holder, Breakout Board & Components ** 1 x Microbit ** 4 x AAA LR03C * Microbit Hardware: ** Lighting: 5 x 5 LED Matrix ** Button: 2 Push Buttons ** Compass: Detect Magnetic Fields ** Accelerometer: Detect Changes in Microbit Speed ** GPIO: 17 All-purpose input / output pins ** Bluetooth: Bluetooth low power (BLE)